Monday, June 17, 2013

For those that wonder where i have gone to.

There are times when I tried to express myself and failed terribly. Spelling was horrible . Trying to put my thoughts into words turn out to be almost  impossible.

I have been diagnose recently with  Parkinson's disease .While it is in the start of second level of four  I do see how much of an affect it has taken on my thoughts and expression of those ideas and thoughts.Now that I know what the cause is I will be altering tmy life so I can best translate thought to written. Right now I do not feel I have the control over myself to dominant  anyone even just for a session. I do feel I have enough to be a slave as that would give control over to one in full control. I am still one that loves pain and protocols and humiliation .

I look forward to future endavers in the lifestyle.

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